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Lindemans Framboise Lambic

2.5% ABV 35.5cl A young lambic beer enriched with pure raspberry juice. Easy drinking and smooth, tart, raspberry-sweet.

Lindemans Pecheresse Lambic

3.5% ABV 35.5cl Lambic with addition of pure peach juice. Lindemans Pecheresse is an easy drinking and wine-like, tart fruit beer.  

Kriek Boon Lambic

4% ABV 37.5cl Made from a mix of young and old lambic aged in oak barrels, brewed with cherries. Kriek Boon is a fresh, sweet and sour beer with an...

Brewdog Abstrakt AB:18

11.8% ABV 37.5cl Bottle A special Imperial brown ale aged for two years, with added berries. Rich, chocolatey sweetness, lifted by a punch of berry tartness.

Brewdog Abstrakt AB:24

12.0% ABV 37.5cl AB:24 is an imperial-strength Baltic Porter brewed with muscovado sugar and cold-brew coffee. This is a beer that is rich and warming, with a fruity coffee kick.

Brewdog Abstrakt AB:17

10.9% ABV 37.5cl A 'three coffee rye imperial porter', made with espresso in the mash, cafetiere in the boil and whole roast beans in the whirlpool and fermenter. Coffee notes, subtle...

Brewdog Abstrakt AB:23

11.5% ABV 37.5cl American barley wine aged in bourbon whiskey casks for close to two years.The bourbon ageing lifts the barley wine to 11.5% ABV and rich heights of candied...

Brewdog Abstrakt AB:19

13.1% ABV 37.5cl Blend two different barrel-aged saisons, one red and one black, which has then been aged in rum casks. A baseline of warm, smoky raisin and plum, followed...

Brewdog Abstrakt AB:16

10.6% ABV 37.5cl AB:16 is a smooth and luxuriant Belgian Quad infused with coffee beans. On the nose you might find warming clove and nutmeg, cafe au lait, subtle dark...