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Mango IPA (Crowler 0.946l)

4.9% ABV This IPA, brewed with American hops (Colombus and summit), which gives the flavor and aroma of blackcurrant and red fruits, along with the rich malty profile, with the...

Passion Fruit Weiss (Crowler 0.946l)

.4.5% ABV This classic German wheat beer, (pillowy body from the wheat, high carb, fruitiness banana foams, and the clove note from fermentation) is mixed with tropical fruit, perfect for...

Keller Kolsch (Crowler 0.946l)

4.5% ABV Classic Brew from Köln, Germany. Herby and mildy fruity with a great malt flavour, this unfiltered beer is the honor for the classics. Allergens: Contains Barley and Wheat....

Irish Bitter (Crowler 0.946l)

4.1% ABV Reddish and malty beer with a cookie and bread crust taste. This dry option has a subtle bitterness that will make you want to drink more and more....

Trappist Single (Crowler 0.946l)

5.2% ABV Deep golden beer, the Belgian option for a hoppy brew. Floral, herby, minty with a Belgian yeast background. This spicy and earthy option is the perfect mix of...

Urban Brewing Mini Keg (5 litre) *Please read description

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please allow for up to 48 hours for your keg to be ready. We will notify you when it is available for collection. 5 litre keg ABV...