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Cold IPA (Crowler 0.946l)

4.5% ABV A clean, cold fermented Ipa, with america citrusy and woody flavours, pale colour, dry and tasty. Allergens: Contains Barley and Gluten. Best Before date is three days from...

Mexican Lager (Crowler 0.946l)

4.5% ABV Pale Lager with Maize. Crisp, light & balanced with Saaz hop bitterness Allergens: Contains Barley, Maize. Best Before date is three days from purchase.

California Common (Crowler 0.946l)

4.5% ABV Slightly toasty, caramel-like without being sweet, malty, and with some peppery notes from the hops. Allergens: Contains Barley. Best Before date is three days from purchase.

Weiße (Crowler 0.946l)

5.0% ABV A German style Wheat beer. Highly carbonated, with subtle notes of banana, clove, and bubblegum, typical of this style. Allergens: Contains Barley and wheat. Best Before date is...

Kölsch (Crowler 0.946l)

4.7% ABV Clean and crisp, Cologne style lager. Subtle biscuit malt character with a dry finish and fruity fermentation esters. Allergens: Contains Barley and wheat Best Before date is three...

O'Hara's Irish Lager

4.5% ABV 50cl Hopped several times to create a unique blend of textures and aromas, O’Hara’s Helles is higher in bitterness than main stream lagers and delivers a unique bite...