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Ardbeg Uigeadail (Shot)

54.2% ABV 35.5ml Shot A marriage of Ardbeg from bourbon barrels and sherry butts which gives a sweet and smoky finish to this malt.  

Auchentoshan 12 Year Old (Shot)

40% ABV 35.5ml Shot Elegant and refined, with those classic Auchentoshan notes of vanilla and almonds.  

Balvenie 12 Year Old Double Wood (Shot)

40% ABV 35.5ml Shot Balvenie Doublewood has been matured primarily in ex-Bourbon barrels before a finishing period in Sherry casks. The overall impression is one of silky smoothness with some...

Balvenie 21 Year Portwood (Shot)

47.6% ABV 35.5ml Shot To create The Balvenie PortWood 21 year old single malt whiskey, a marriage of rare Balvenie is transferred to port casks, or pipes, which have held...

Bowmore 12 Year-Old (shot)

40% ABV 35.5ml Shot Complex yet perfectly balanced, this 12 Year Old reflects the raw essence of Bowmore. Sweet and delicious heather honey and gentle peat smoke.

Bowmore 18 Yr (Shot)

43% ABV 35.5ml Shot A masterful combination of ripe fruit, dark chocolate and Islay smoke.  

Bulleit Bourbon (shot)

45% ABV 35.5ml Shot It is medium amber in colour, with gentle spiciness and sweet oak aromas. Mid-palate is smooth with tones of maple, oak, and nutmeg. Followed by a...

Bushmills Original Whiskey (shot)

40% ABV 35.5ml Shot Grain whiskey reserved for Bushmills Original is slowly matured for a minimum of five years in American oak casks before blending with Irish Single Malt to...

Canadian Club Whiskey (shot)

40% ABV 35.5ml Shot Canadian Club is blended before ageing, a technique which allows subtle flavours of the rye, rye malt, barley and corn to synchronize before maturation in top quality white...

Clan Colla 19 Year Old (Shot)

46% ABV 35.5ml Carries flavours of creamy smooth caramel, dried fruit, nuttiness, vanilla, and chocolate orange. A long and sophisticated finish with a final release of the full-bodied flavours.

Clan Colla 20 Yrs Amarone Finish (Shot)

55% ABV 35.5ml It has been carefully matured for 19 years in American Bourbon Barrels and finished for one more year in Italian Amarone casks. This double-barrel aging has allowed...

Clan Colla 20 Yrs PX Finish (Shot)

46% ABV 35.5ml The palate offers a perfect harmony of honeycomb, vanilla, and caramel with the Pedro Ximénez cask finish bringing a new level of depth and complexity with enticing toasted nuts, figs,...