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Hopfully Brewing Graciosa Tropical IPA

5.3% ABV 33cl can With a light-medium body, lightly hazy, and dry hopped with Citra and Chinook, Graciosa is a fruity, refreshing and flavorful IPA with loads tropical fruit notes.

Chimay Dorée (Gold)

4.8% ABV 33cl 

O'Hara's Curim Gold

4.3% ABV 50cl Bottle Inspired by an old Celtic word for Beer, “Curmi/Cuirim”, this delightfully refreshing wheat beer echoes the Celtic heritage of the region where it is brewed today.Curim...

Hopfully Brewing California Uncommon Spelt IPA

5.0% ABV 33cl can California Uncommon is a hazy, fruity, and juicy brew. On the nose, a heavy dose of tropical fruit aromas, with mango and pineapple being predominant. Notes...

Hopfully Brewing Shinebright IPA

6.0% ABV 33cl can Bright, cloudy, smooth, and juicy NEIPA that effortlessly blends the tart bitterness of Comet hops with the juicy, tropical aromas of Citra hops. Juicy mandarin and citrus...

Weissenohe Eucharius Pils

4.8%ABV 50cl

O'Hara's Leann Folláin Extra Irish Stout

6.0% ABV 50cl Bottle / 44cl Can Flavours of dark chocolate tones with a hint of vanilla combine with the mild mocha aroma. This luxurious stout has a classic European...

O'Hara's Double IPA

7.5% ABV 50cl A full-bodied, full on Double I.P.A. combining caramel and malt flavours with a well-balanced and substantial bitterness. Light carbonation allows the full flavour of this Double IPA...

Westmalle Trappist Dubbel

7.0% ABV33cl

O'Hara's 51st State IPA

6.0% 50cl Bursting with bold tropical flavours of grapefruit, passion fruit, apricot and peach, this unfiltered IPA, which takes its inspiration from the New England IPA style, is an attack...

Saison Dupont

6.5% ABV 33cl A world classic beer. Beautifully balanced, and complex with a refreshing fruitiness and long, dry finish.