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Estrella Galicia Variety Box

4x 1906 Reserva Especial Helles Bock 33cl (6.5% ABV) 4x 1906 Black Coupage Black Lager 33cl (7.2% ABV) 4x Estrella Galicia Premium Lager 33cl (4.7% ABV)

Cigar City Variety Box

2x Cubano Style Espresso Brown Ale 35.5cl Can (5.5% ABV) 2x Fancy Papers Hazy IPA 35.5cl Can (6.5% ABV) 2x Florida Cracker White Ale with Coriander and Orange Peel 35.5cl Can (5.5% ABV) 2x Guayabera...

USA Variety Box

3x Firestone Walker Fly Jack Hazy IPA 35.5cl can (4.0% ABV) 3x New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze IPA 35.5cl can (7.5% ABV) 3x Firestone Walker Easy Jack IPA 35.5cl can (4.7% ABV) 3x...

Oskar Blues Variety Box

2x Death by Coconut Porter 35.5cl can (6.5% ABV) 2x Can O Bliss Citra DIPA 35.5cl can (8.2% ABV) 2x Can O Bliss Hazy IPA 35.5cl can (7.2% ABV) 2x Dale's Pale Ale 35.5cl can (6.5% ABV)...

Wild Beer Variety Box

2x Pogo Pale Ale + Orange + Guava 33cl can (4.1% ABV) 2x Bibble Pale Ale + Mosaic + Amarillo 33cl can (4.2% ABV) 2x Fresh Freshest Hops + Drink Now 33cl can (5.5% ABV) 2x Quantic Citrus + Fresh Pine...

Ballykilcavan Variety Box

4x Ballykilcavan Secret Passion Pale Ale 44cl can (6.5% ABV) 4x Ballykilcavan Line Blocker Hazy Pale Ale 44cl can (5.8% ABV) 4x Ballykilcavan Bambrick's Brown Ale 44cl can (5.8% ABV)  

Belgian Variety Box

4x Chimay Dorée Gold 33cl (4.8% ABV) 4x Trappistes Rochefort 10 33cl (11.3% ABV) 4x Maredsous 8 33cl (8% ABV)  

Stiegl Variety Box

4x Stiegl Freibier 50cl (0.5% ABV) 4x Stiegl-Goldbräu 50cl can (5% ABV) 4x Stiegl Grapefruit Radler 50cl can (2% ABV)